We help Translators and Developers of Free Open Source software to collaborate, by offering them a workplace, the right tools and sound advice.

We believe that access to software in someone's native language has benefits for everyone.

It enables Developers to reach a new audience, thereby unlocking the full potential of open source software for many language groups


a workplace, the right tools
and sound advice

or learn howto


reach new audiences
speak open source for all

or learn howto

OpenTranslators is a Translation Project initiated by a multilingual volunteer team of Joomla! Community Members. We offer to work with our Joomla! Developers to 'give back' translations as a thank you for adding so much to Joomla! We aim to make these Joomla! extensions available in many languages by encouraging Translators of all experience levels to join our Translation Teams.

Seeded by an idea from Svein Wisnaes in All Together As A Whole, OpenTranslators chose to use Transifex:

"Transifex is an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software, documentation and other types of projects. Designed as a hub for translations of open source projects, Transifex supports translations straight from the project's source."

OpenTranslators Core Team Members:

Luis Méndez Alejo (@gnumax), Manoel J Silva (@iikozen), Marcos Peebles (@marcospeebles), Matthew Philogene (@raramuridesign), Ole Bang Ottosen (@ot2sen), Steven Zeegers (@Torettox84), Hils Cheyne (@HilsCheyne).

Former Core Team Members:

Parth Lawate (@parthlawate), Sean Klotsman (@seanklotsman), 'Sully' Sullivan (@TerraceMedia), Svein Wisnaes (@Datahverdag), Tess Neale (@tessneale), , Peter van Westen (@NoNumber_nl).

With special thanks to

Jarred de Beer & Dwight Barnard (raramuridesign), Brian Teeman (@brianteeman) for guidance & support, Philip Locke (@philiplocke) for his awesome content2pdf, Amy Stephen (@AmyStephen) & Molajo for support & upcoming code contribution, Transifex & their Developer Team, to all our Translators who are gathering on OpenTranslators Translation Team Page and to the Joomla! Extension Developers who are supporting this Joomla! Community Project.

What can you do ?

- Offer a language and translate
- Submit your software
- Any questions ? Use the forum
- Spread the word, use the media kit

Do you know ...

- How to use as a translator?
- How to use as a developer?

... that many extensions are already translated thanks to YOU

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